Abrigo ecológico

"In San Francisco, the rain has been coming down hard the last few days, and it's not letting up for a few more. Which means our new solar powered bus stations aren't exactly doing much good. As most of the water coming down right now runs right down the paved hills and into the salty bay, never making it back to our groundwater table, it's too bad we don't have a few of these bus shelters designed by Ramesh Kanth. They're made to harvest rainwater.
The rain would land on the roof and be channeled straight into unpaved ground. Of course, there are a few design issues, like how quickly the rain catchment area would fill up and overflow as the rain channeled in will take time to percolate into the soil. The pipes pointing the collected water into the ground would have to run rather deep to ensure the water actually hits soil and not more city infrastructure, and there would likely be maintenance involved to keep the collection system from clogging up.
WATCH VIDEO: Renovation Nation: Harvesting Rainwater
The idea needs a lot of work, but the concept of using structures that aren't going away to collect a valuable resource that is going away, well, it's an idea that we wouldn't mind seeing explored further, especially as rainwater harvesting becomes a growing issue."

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