Cycling safety + Get Britain Cycling Report

Our vision is to realise the full potential of cycling to contribute to the health and wealth of the nation, and the quality of life in our towns and local communities. We believe this is both possible and necessary.
We need to get the whole of Britain cycling: not just healthy people or sporty young males, but people of all ages and backgrounds, in urban and rural areas.
We need to change the culture of how we use our roads, so that people are no longer afraid to cycle or allow their children to do so. Our streets, roads and local communities, need to become places for people, where
cycling and walking are safe and normal.
Increases in cycling recently achieved by towns in Britain (even with quite modest investment), and other cities like Seville and New York, suggests that this is possible, if the funding and the political will is there. 
Some strong messages came from the enquiry:
  • the need for vision, ambition and strong political leadership, including a national Cycling Champion.
  • the Government needs to set out an action plan for more and safer cycling with support from the Prime Minister down.
  • We need transformation of our towns, streets and communities, and to the way we think about cycling, whether as drivers or as people who might take up cycling ourselves.
  • Our vision is for a dramatic increase in the number and diversity of
  • people who cycle, because they see it as a safe and normal activity.
  • We suggest that the long-term ambition should be to increase cycle use from less than 2% of journeys in 2011, to 10% of all journeys in 2025, and 25% by 2050".
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